Announcing a winner is very easy, first find your contest page and be sure you are logged in!

1. Login
2. Go to design contests -> my contests
3. Click on the contest title
4. Go to the winning design
5. Click the grey button ‘Select winner’ to the right
6. Than confirm the design you want to choose as the winner of your contest.

If you have first paid a listing fee, you will see a payment request for the additional prize money on your screen. As soon as this payment has been made, you can continue with steps 5 and 6.

The designer will upload the files via the chat.

After the files have been uploaded and checked, the prize money (=funds) must be released. If you are logged in, click on the winning design and you will see a green button 'release funds' to the right of the logo. As soon as the button is clicked, we will pay out the winner.