Code of conduct

At, thousands of designers are active. This implies that differences of opinion will arise. To manage this, drafted a code of conduct.

Respect each other! cannot tolerate aggressive approach and intimidation of other designers, customers and/or employees of

Design original!

This means that stock material and copies are not allowed to use in logo design.

Do not conspire!

To facilitate honest design competitions, collusion between designer and customer is not allowed.

To avoid all possible forms of collusion, mentioning of contact information, such as email-addresses, website urls and telephone numbers is forbidden.

One account!

You can create one account as a designer. Creating multiple accounts will not be tolerated.

Display name

The display name bay be your own name. Basically everythin is allowed, as long as the name is not inappropriate or offensive. Furthermore, it is not allowed to use the symbols ©, ™ and ® behind the name. This is only allowed if the name is protected within the Benelux or in one of the EU member states or if trademark protection has been applied for.

To enforce the rules aboce, we have developed a fraud button. Do you want to mention violation of this code, you can use the fraud button. After clicking the button a fraud ticket will be created so the helpdesk can examine your report.

If you do not adhere to the code of conduct, you can be removed from