On this website it’s not allowed to use stock material in logo design! That doesn’t mean all stock is forbidden. 

What is stock material?

Stock is all graphic material that you didn’t fabricate yourself! This includes content from website’s like shutterstock, free vector images, royalty free images, icons ect… If you trace an image, photo or icon it doesn’t mean that you own it! 

Logo design

It’s forbidden to use stock material in a logo design. When someone uses stock in a logo please report it via the ‘fraud’ button. 

When may I use stock material? 

First of all, you may only use stock if you own the material or made clear to the contest owner that he/she needs to buy it afterwards.

  • If it’s an impression or background. A t-shirt photo to show off the logo etc..

  • If it’s used in folders, brochures, website design etc..

What about fonts? 

You may use any font it when the license of the font allows it.