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In this policy we want to indicate what is and even more important, what is not allowed.

What should I deliver the contest owner?

  • Always supply logo design in vector format (.ai/.eps), this is a line drawing. Logo's based on pixels are not allowed.
  • Also provide a logo in black/white and .jpg of .png format.
  • Fonts, if costs are associated, you should inform the contest owner during the contest.
  • If stationary or business cards have to be supplied, the files have to be submitted ready for printing.

When can I use stockmaterial?

You can use stockmaterial as long as it is not used as a logo. So it is not allowed to pick a stockimage, add the name of the company and upload the logo in the contest. The use of logo via LogoMaker is also not permitted. These are not original. Note: if you use stockmaterial for other purposes, like a flyer, you have to inform the contest owner about any additional (license) fees. Still using stockmaterial in logo design? You will get a warning and after three warnings your account will be deleted from our website.

Stockmaterial policy

How should I present my design?

It is possible to include your icon in your design as a identification. However, this icon may not contain any advertising or contact information.

Name and logo policy

Presenting a logo on a business card or letterhead? This is only allowed if the contest owner has requested this specifically. In logo contests only logo design is uploaded.

If the contest owner did not ask for it, the following rule is apllicable:

Business card policy

We have no problem with other forms of presentation, as long as the logo is not adapted for this kind of presentation: 

Presentation policy

Presentation logo policy

Is my idea protected?

Yes, to a certain extent. Do you not want other designers to get inspired by your design? We advise you to only participate in one-to-one contests. 

In open contests we will protect an unique idea, the designer who first submitted the idea.

What are not unique ideas?

1: Everything what is obvious by the nature of the company of job of the contest owner. If the contest owner has a construction company, it is obvious that the design of a building or house is being used.

2: Also combinations of letters or initials are not unique. If a company is called Johnson Construction, then a combination with a J & C is very obvious and is not a protected idea.

When should I supply the files?

Within 5 days after you are selected as a winner. Or as agreed with the contest owner.

What if the contest owner doesn´t provide the data?

As a designer you can not do very much about that. You can ask the contest owner in the chatbox to provide the data. If the contest owner doesn´t respond, please contact us.

The contest owner asks for more than what is indicated in the briefing, is that allowed?

No, that is not allowed. You can contact us.

What should I do if my question is not listed here or when I have doubts?

Please contact us. Certainly go not into discussion with other designers or the contest owner.

If it involves fraud, please send the design. We will determine whether it is allowed or not.